Physical Therapy

for Children, Teens, and Adults

Therapy OPS offers evaluations and ongoing physical therapy for children and adults experiencing strength and coordination challenges, motor deficits/delays, balance deficits, and related concerns. All of our physical therapists hold Master's or Doctorate degrees, in physical therapy, APTA membership, and a State of Texas professional license.

Physical therapy services begin with a hands-on function evaluation in all areas of concern. Following the physical therapy evaluation, we will review the results with the family and/or client. In partnership with the client and family, our physical therapists will then develop a plan of care to address all areas of need.


Through our collaborative physical therapy services, our therapists work closely with clients, caregivers, and families to deliver the most effective therapies to achieve lasting results. Individual occupational therapy sessions combine aspects of client-directed and adult-directed therapy activities.


Physical therapy for children, teens, and adults is offered in our Red Oak, TX clinic or via teletherapy.

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Physical Therapy for Children and Teens

Physical therapy focuses on increasing a person's strength, coordination., balance, and mobility Your child may benefit from physical therapy if he/she is experiencing any of the following: 

  • Delayed crawling or walking

  • Turns his/her head only to one side

  • Is not bearing weight on legs by six months

  • Is not sitting by eight months

  • Persistent toe-walking habits

  • Poor unsupported sitting/standing balance

  • Trouble learning how to jump, skip, ride a bike

  • Difficulty throwing and catching a ball

  • Need for wheelchair mobility training

  • Is recovering from an injury or surgical procedure of the lower body


Physical Therapy for Adults

Our adult physical therapists work with you and your loved ones to help you recover from injury and/or illness. Physical therapy is recommended if you or your loved one is experiencing challenges with:

  • Arm, shoulder, leg, hip, spine injuries

  • Chronic conditions like arthritis or MS

  • Physical limitations resulting from a stroke, heart attack, burn, or amputation

  • Declining strength

  • Sprain, strain, or fracture

  • Work-related, repetitive-stress injury such as tendonitis or bursitis

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Neurological conditions such as ALS or Parkinson's

  • Loss of balance or difficulty walking

  • Fall prevention

There are many reasons for needing adult physical therapy, including a recent injury or surgery, stroke, neurological conditions, etc. 

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Therapy OPS services are offered wherever you are most comfortable:

In-person at our new clinic space in Red Oak, TX.

Online via our secure teletherapy platform.

We proudly service patients throughout the state of Texas.